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Türkiye's First "Music Village"

Imagine a village, surrounded by nature, full of musical notes echoing with the sounds of birds. Some people play the saz, others sing folk songs. Sometimes the lessons take place on the shore of the sea, sometimes under the shade of a tree. For this reason, the Music Village is the product of an idea based on the organic connection between music and nature, believing that real music can be produced by living in touch with nature.
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As the Music Village team, we aim to go to the villages and mountains in different regions of our country and bring our music to the surface.
We organize gatherings where we remember the music of nature, the nature in music and the harmony of all of us in music together. We reached many masters during our previous field researches.
When we listened to their instruments and words, we thought that everyone should benefit from the experience of these masters and we set out with this desire. In our music village, we aim to build a different life based on the philosophy and lifestyle of music, not just music.
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The masters who kept their saz alive and brought it to us despite all the difficulties in Anatolia and all over the world, who did not become "marketized", were often a source of inspiration, a compass, and gave us strength.

Music Village Team

Project Coordinator
Mehmet Günay ESER
General Art Director
International Relations Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Visual Design Coordinator
Bilal Tahsin ALKAN
Digital Content Coordinator