Imagine a village where the sounds of traditional instruments rise up to nature.

The Music Village is an independent project realized by the Music Village team who set out for the music of nature. It aims to bring together all the beautiful hearts who love the smell of the earth with music.
About Us

Meet the Music Village

The Music Village, is inspired by the words of ethnomusicologist Béla Bartók: "Build your conservatories in the mountains." It aims to unite different cultures on the axis of the relationship between music and nature.
It is a set of concerts, workshops, recitals, presentations and seminars organized throughout the year.
You can join us by registering on our website within the registration dates every summer, and you can become a Music Villager in nature with the music of nature.
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Participant Musicians
Professionals, academics, local music performers all in the Music Village!
DetailsMüzik Köyü
Bağlama, guitar, body music, triplet, kopuz, fretless guitar and more...
DetailsMüzik Köyü
Traditional and world music performers and artists share their experiences...
DetailsMüzik Köyü
A unique music feast for the audience with the unforgettable performances of the artists...
DetailsMüzik Köyü